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Ways to Find You Are Enough

Lower unrealistic expectations.

Recognize your common humanity. Most people struggle too.

Give yourself credit for your accomplishments, competency, knowledge, skills and virtue. See what you have to offer to humanity.

Don’t emphasize your weakness and failure to the exclusion of your strengths and successes.

Be realistic in your personal assessment.

Treat yourself as kindly as you would another.

Show yourself compassion while holding yourself accountable.

Stop comparing yourself to others. You are not in a race with anyone else. Your only competition is yesterday.

Choose to receive the affirmations given to you by others.

Understand process and accept that you are growing but not there yet.

Recognize the resources you have in God.

Understand that God is for you, that He extends grace in your struggle, and that He is more interested in your repentance and growth than He is in punishing you for your sins.

Recognize that struggle and suffering are the tools God uses to perfect us.

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